“At a primary embodied level, we all share the instinct to nurture and care for others as part of our psychoneurobiological wiring.” (Marks-Tarlow)

“The opportunity to assist another human being in engaging in the most fundamental acts of learning and psychological growth after that person has been denied that opportunity by fate and trauma, also is a sacred trust that requires the extraordinary mental, emotional, spiritual, and ethical dedication from both the therapist and client.”  (Courtois and Ford)

The consultation relationship is an integral part of clinical practice - one that contributes to positive client outcome through ongoing skill building and attention to clinician wellbeing.  I have a deep belief in the power of feeling safe and supported in the consultation process.  Trust in this relationship affords us the ability to bring curiosity to our work, to explore the use of self in the therapy process, and to increase skills in clinical models.  Within the consultation relationship we can attend to the impact of vicarious trauma and create a practice of self-care that nourishes our ability to maintain compassionate connection with clients.    

My expertise is in seeing clinical work through a trauma lens and guiding clinicians in creating trauma sensitive practices.  I offer a Polyvagal perspective and bring neuroscience knowledge to the consultation process supporting clinicians in becoming confident and competent Polyvagal-informed practitioners and neuroscience translators. 

In addition I offer model specific consultation in Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Individual $140

Group - dependent on numbers, contact me to discuss rates 

Agency $140

fees negotiable on a sliding scale...

To discuss consultation please contact me at deborahadanalcsw@gmail.com