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My passion for neuroscience leads me into collaboration with researchers to better understand the science and psychology of lasting change. This passion informs my clinical work, my teaching, and my writing.  I have a particular interest in Polyvagal Theory and the influence of the autonomic nervous system in shaping the ways we move through the world.  

I'm excited to announce the publication of two Polyvagal inspired books. See the Publications page for information... 

We come into the world wired to connect.  With our first breath we embark on a biologically driven quest to feel safe in our bodies, our environments, and in relationship with others. Life experiences often interrupt our path toward safety and connection propelling us instead into patterns of mistrust and dysregulation.  

Along our path to healing...

We learn to safely remember our histories and become active authors of our life stories.   

We investigate the origins of our patterns of protection and connection.  

We explore creating relationships that bring joy, movement that feels free, and daily living experiences that are filled with abundance.